About Agrasen Maharaj

Maharaj Agrasen was born as the eldest son to the Suryavanshi King Ballabh of Pratapnagar, about 5185 years ago, during the Dwapar Yug. He married Princess Madhavi...

Welcome to Agrawal Samaj Poona

This is a community website built for Agarwals development in all the sense. We have a thought behind it that we will build a very strong community which will help the people who are suffering with any reason.

We will take a step to solve there problem to the extent. But for doing all this I need all of your help (support), then only we can be a developed community.

Board of Directors

Mr. Ishwarchand Kishorilal Goyal

Mr. Dwarkaprasad Narayandas Jalan
Vice President

Mr. Mukesh Sawarmal Kanodia

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